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The Sentinel
2 October 2017
“As an author, I'm at home with the phrase 'don't give up on the day job', but then my day job went and gave up on me. None of us saw that one coming."

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Indie Book Banter
7 May 2017
"Getting the balance between his different traits right was quite a challenge, but it was fascinating getting into his head. I also think he helped purge the smoker in me."

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The Dabbler
26 March 2015
"When that first rush of inspiration gives me the idea for a new story has got to be the best part of it all."

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Nyx Book Reviews
21 October 2014
"I never set out to become a horror writer, and don’t really class myself as such, even though I’ve written works of horror..."

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A Drip Of Truth

16 May 2014

"There’s only one word to describe me – a ‘pantster’. The truth is I am an ill-disciplined writer. I tend to dive in head first with the writing and then plan and outline as I go along."

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Bublish chats with author Mark Cantrell
3 October 2013
Storify of a live Twitter chat with Kathy Meiss of Bublish.

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Indies Unlimited
16 November 2011
“I often jokingly talk about the demons down there in the dark, lurking in my subconscious and tossing ideas back and forth until they find one they like, then they chuck it my way with a command to get working. Me? I’m just the typist."

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Jake Drake's Rants About Everything
15 July 2011
The Matrix metaphors abound in this review of the 2010 release of CITIZEN ZERO...

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Writers Muse,
September 2009
Review of the paperback edition of the short story collection, ISOLATION SPACE.

"Like many of the best science fiction and horror stories, there are twists in the tail of many of these pieces, and, also like many of the best in those genres, the end, when it hits you, is not at all expected. "

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Your Sinclair,
July 1989, #43
A slice of my creative history. Review of the ZX Spectrum adventure game, Diablo!

Read the full review online HERE.

And catch the CRASH magazine review (February 1989 #61) HERE.

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