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A Flash Of Inspiration (Fiction)

A collection of incredibly short stories edited by Helmy Kusuma and featuring a couple of flash fiction works by Mark Cantrell...

Smashwords, 2011

Format: Digital

Devices: Kindle, Sony, Nook, Kobo, Apple, PC


You might call them bonsai – stories instead of trees – because each tale in this anthology is written to 100 words or less. This is so-called flash fiction and like any story it has a narrative arc: a beginning, middle and end, but to compress it all into so few words is easier said than done.

The anthology contains the works of 20 authors, with a couple of stories each that range from the sublime to the macabre, the amusing to the deadly serious. So why not give it a shot and gain a very short introduction to some skilled and highly engaging indie authors? 

Find the collection on Smashwords

Attack of the 50-foot Verbose Mutant Killer Fountain Pens From Mars (Collection)

A mixed bag of fiction, poetry, articles, and essays, this tongue-twisting mouthful of a title, brings together a raw showcase of writings by Mark Cantrell.

Published as a PDF in 2006, and released FREE, Attack of the 50-foot Verbose Mutant Killer Fountain Pens From Mars was an early and experimental foray into self-publishing.

Many of the works in this collection have since been revised, reworked, and otherwise polished and re-released, but this provides a nifty snapshot of my earlier writing endeavours, as well as containing works that have not as yet appeared elsewhere.

This is the original file, as released back in 2006 under a Creative Commons licence. Just right click the link below to download the file.


Cover Art: The Womb, by Phil Wainman.

On Literature (Essays)

First published as a staple-bound printed chapbook in 2004, Mark Cantrell has now re-issued his collection of essays and articles in digital format through the publisher and distributor Smashwords.

FREE chapbook

Smashwords, 2011

Formats: Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Sony, Apple, PC

On Literature brings together a fascinating collection of work rooted in the creative writing scene of his native Bradford, as well as his musings on the wider realms of creative writing.

From poets waxing lyrical to poets getting down-right political, a startling ensemble of creative exploits is explored in this small publication. Released FREE under a Creative Commons license, it is available for the Kindle, Sony Reader, and other devices exclusively from Smashwords. So, feel free to download On Literature and be inspired: there’s more to literary living than you might at first think.

 Download the chapbook at Smashwords.

In The Words Of Chairman Me (Poetry)

A quirky collection of poetry and prose, first published as a photocopied chapbook back in 2004, In The Words Of Chairman Me was later re-released as a free PDF ebook under a Creative Commons licence.

The digital version can be found over on Scribd, or right click the link below to download a copy.


Confessions Of A Poetry Virgin (Poetry)

First published circa 2001 as a photocopied chapbook, Confessions of a Poetry Virgin represented the author's debut as a poet (hence the title).

In those days, active in the open mic poetry activities of the Interchange (Bradford Writers' Network), such chapbooks were a staple part of the scene, passed around almost like business cards.

The collection was subsequently re-issued as a PDF ebook around about 2006. Access the chapbook over at Scribd, or right click the link below to download a copy.


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