Mark Cantrell, Author

For an eclectic mix of science fiction, fantasy and a touch of horror...

Citizen Zero (Novel)

Sometimes even a pawn can hold the balance of power

All David Mills wanted was a job. Instead he's thrust into the heart of a political conspiracy that will plunge Britain into chaos...

Inspired Quill (2017)

Paperback (482 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-908600-51-6
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ISBN: 978-1-908600-52-3
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Set in a frighteningly familiar – yet subtly altered – world, where AI has decimated jobs, authoritarian government is the norm, and security trumps freedom, CITIZEN ZERO is a terrifying wake-up call from a burning tomorrow...


Inspired Quill


“Humanity built its monolithic spires of hopes and dreams and tried to believe that the whole sordid mess actually meant something.”

Inspired Quill, 2013

Paperback (478 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-908600-14-1
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Kindle (372 pages)
ISBN: 978-1-908600-15-8
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A dark urban fantasy, with shades of the dystopian, SILAS MORLOCK presents an artful amalgam where Bradbury-meets-Lovecraft-meets-Orwell in a chilling twist in the age-old theme of good versus evil.


Inspired Quill 


A small selection of short stories published as standalone ebooks, each title was culled from the author's anthology ISOLATION SPACE (see below).

Taken together, or as individual shorts, these stories present a startling introduction to Mark Cantrell's fiction work. The selection includes:

One For The Road (vampire horror, December 2013)
At Death's Door (macabre horror, June 2013)
Deadly Night Shade (vampire horror, January 2013)


ISOLATION SPACE (collected short stories, 2009)

There’s a door in the mind that keeps the ghosts of the past at bay, but that door can be forced open – and when it does... At Death's Door

An enthralling selection of 20 short stories, ISOLATION SPACE presents an eclectic mix of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, with more literary and satirical works of speculative fiction. 

From the wryly amusing through to the outrageous and silly, the thoughtful and provocative to the terrifying and the macabre, there's a little something for everyone.

Smashwords, 2011 (Digital) | Lulu, 2009 (Paperback)


Tonight’s the night – that Nathan cuts loose a close and personal friend. They’ve been a team since adolescence, but enough is enough, he’s got Nathan into trouble once too often – so it’s time for some blood and retribution... Nathan's Friend

She was the one who was afraid of the dark, that’s why the other vamps in her gang laughingly called her Shade, but she’s the one still breathing – now she's stalking the man who slaughtered them... Deadly Night Shade

First contact is a delicate and harrowing business, so when the aliens do drop in to say hello, be careful where you take them for lunch... Joe's Last Meal

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A Flash Of Inspiration (Anthology)

A collection of incredibly short stories edited by Helmy Kusuma and featuring a couple of flash fiction works by Mark Cantrell...

Smashwords, 2011

Format: Digital

Devices: Kindle, Sony, Nook, Kobo, Apple, PC


You might call them bonsai – stories instead of trees – because each tale in this anthology is written to 100 words or less. This is so-called flash fiction and like any story it has a narrative arc: a beginning, middle and end, but to compress it all into so few words is easier said than done.

The anthology contains the works of 20 authors, with a couple of stories each that range from the sublime to the macabre, the amusing to the deadly serious. So why not give it a shot and gain a very short introduction to some skilled and highly engaging indie authors? 

Find the collection on Smashwords


CITIZEN ZERO (Novel) 2010

Published by the author in 2010, this edition of CITIZEN ZERO was released in a range of digital editions. A science fiction thriller in the dystopian tradition, the presented a devastating vision of a society broken by austerity and inequality. 

Blending the stark social conscience of ‘The Boys From The Blackstuff’, the millennial anarcho-chic of ‘The Matrix’, and the uncompromising force of ‘V for Vendetta’, CITIZEN ZERO portrays a terrifying vision of tomorrow's future Britain...

Smashwords, 2010 (Digital)


After austerity came prosperity and stability, but it was bought at a terrible price...

In a surveillance society blind where it matters most, a deadly conspiracy is ready to strike...

A security operative turned terrorist is ready to bring down the man he once helped to seize power...

Now a dictatorial Prime Minister, confident of his grip on power, is about to discover the limits of his strength...

Welcome to Britain, a nation bitterly divided between rich and poor, as it teeters on the edge of chaos...
Unemployed David Mills is caught in the middle, torn from the woman he loves and thrown in to a terrible struggle to survive…

He’s a ‘zero’, a nobody, one of the destitute millions, but he’s also the one man who might salvage some kind of freedom out of the ruins of the future...

A critical pawn in a deadly power struggle, David has no choice but to fulfil a role he never asked for; no wonder the Prime Minister wants him dead...

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