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SitRep: The State Of Things

Posted by Mark Cantrell on February 2, 2016 at 4:25 PM

 Citizen Zero Subject To Delay

Classified under the provisions of the Official Secrets Act: This document is not for public disclosure for a period of a minimum of 75 years


FAO: Chairman, inter-agency sub-committee on domestic security

Mr Carlisle,

It has come to our attention that the dissident group self-identified as Inspired Quill (IQ) has come to a very welcome setback in the release schedule of its proposed novel, titled CITIZEN ZERO.

As you are aware from previous communications from our intelligence officers, this is a fictional exploration of matters bearing great importance to the Project, cast in such a light that it may provoke alarm in the minds of subjects over issues that must not concern them.

Agents from our ever-vigilant public private partnership between [REDACTED] and the Intelligence Services, designated Department D ('Social Security') have intercepted the following communiqué:

“Sorry, folks, got some bad news regarding my novel Citizen Zero, but take heart that the game isn't over yet. As you know, my publisher Inspired Quill is in the process of publishing the novel, with a release date penned-in for March this year. Unfortunately, the delay gremlins have forced a change of plan, which means we'll have to wait a little longer for its publication.

“Sadly, my editor had to pull out for reasons of ill-health. I am sure you'll join me in wishing her well. Meanwhile, we'll just have to wait a little longer to get a hold of the novel. It'll be worth it, trust me on this! The plan, provisionally at least, is to aim for a September 2016 release now, so keep an eye out on my website – or my Facebook page – for the latest updates and keep yourself informed.”

Be advised, Mr Chairman, that our agents had no hand in this incidence of ill-health, although in our estimation, it is a fortuitous occurrence. We are aware of your views that a lurid piece of fiction such as this document, penned by an obscure author of little repute, can do nothing to harm the Project, nor halt the subordination of civil society to matters of economic security, however we feel it is of the utmost importance that this work remains 'dark' in perpetuity.

As you know, the current Conservative administration, like its immediate Coalition predecessor, has made great gains since the tentative steps towards accelerating the programme inaugurated by the Blair-Brown Government; recent upsets in Opposition formulations notwithstanding, convergence of the primary agents in the political theatre continue to show good signs of progress towards this outcome.

Under the auspices of the current work and pensions secretary, despite a degree of personal incompetence (and what some of our analysts regard as signs of a personal power trip dangerous to the Project), the conversion of the former social security safety net into a system of social surveillance and control continues apace.

On the whole, it offers a cheaper and more effective alternative to the more traditional secret police machinery than might otherwise be necessary to achieve our population control objectives.

Meanwhile, the expansion of the surveillance machinery by both State and Private agencies continues apace, and we are confident of achieving a totality of coverage once deemed impossible.

However, austerity measures used as a cover for the implementation of the Project are inevitably provoking some civil resistance. We believe this manageable, even necessary to the fulfilment of the Project, but any cultural or civil societal artefact that seeds doubt and discontent is best managed into obscurity. Even, we must say, works with a minor likelihood of impact such as this proposed title by the obscure author, Mark Cantrell. It really is advisable that he remains such.

Social justice is an outmoded concept, as you are aware, and one that is no longer deemed compatible with securing the necessary frameworks for guaranteeing our economic security. Any work that may provoke subjects to contemplate matters not in accordance with our aims is, in our view, detrimental to the Project.

With respect to some of your associates, here and overseas, a laissez faire approach is not always conducive to our required outcomes. Sometimes, it is necessary to ‘nudge’ human impulses towards appropriate ends.

We await your response to our assessment and any instructions you deem relevant for our department to execute.



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