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POEM: A Shade Of Photo-Chemical Amnesiac

Posted by Mark Cantrell on March 7, 2015 at 1:55 PM

Photo Montage

By Mark Cantrell

Old photographs

Show moments of time frozen,

A window, from where faces of history

Can stare unknowing at the present.

Their time has gone.

Their bodies rendered dust,

Scattered by the hands of time, and

Long since dispersed by the breeze of

Rushing days.

Still, these portraits of captured light

Prevail to say...


For there is nothing these chemical

Ghosts might say,

There is no word nor thought

They might comprehend of these days

Born beyond the era of their capture.

Lost to a contemporary perception gone,

They linger, bound

By the horizons of the photographer’s art,

The dimensions of paper, their limited horizon.

The message remains, such as it is,

Loud and clear from the wastes of yesteryear,

We hear, if we strain our mortal coil

To resonate in tune

With bygone lives,

We hear:

There will come a time

When our thoughts are frozen in ink,

A day shall arise,

When all else I am is gone,

And I shall stare from the sliver of card,

A motionless photo-mirage,

A trick of the light, left over,

To whisper silent:

Here I am.

I was...

No more.

Mark Cantrell,


12 October 2009

Copyright © October 2009. All Rights Reserved.


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