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BLOG: Taking Stock

Posted by Mark Cantrell on February 1, 2014 at 4:05 PM

Join me for a ride over the horizon

IN many respects I think 2014 is going to be the make or break year for me, although I concede we can all say pretty much the same of any year, really, so there's no particular reason to make this one any more 'ominous' than the next.


It's one of those things about the human narrative compulsion that we often come to focus ourselves on the peculiarities of one set timeframe and tell ourselves 'this is it'.


Even so, this is the year I enter new territory – space marked 'here be dragons' on the map of life – as well as face some significant milestones, meaning it's not quite another run of the mill 12 months (well, 11 now).


During February I turn 45. No longer can I con myself into thinking I'm a young man; nope, there's no denying I'm a middle-aged layabout crash-diving into the damnation of old age. For some reason, turning 45 is worse than hitting 40; go figure.


Later this year, I'll hit another fateful anniversary: come May I'll have been at my current day job for eight years. That's a long time writing about the crazy English housing scene. It's been great; the job's grown and I've grown with it. I've had the chance to get gobby about some serious social issues. But the sector I cover isn't exactly a barrel of laughs.


To cut a long story short, the housing market is a complete mess and it's being made worse by a Government hell-bent an taking it away from people. It's become a major engine of inequality in this country, and by the nature of my job, it's constantly in my face. The grim realities of it all are starting to take their toll I have to say.


But it's not all bad. I started 2014 as a published novelist, courtesy of Inspired Quill (IQ), which birthed my novel SILAS MORLOCK at the end of November last year. This is the uncharted territory I mentioned, so it's going to be interesting as I explore new avenues of existence.


I honestly have no idea what's set to come my way, and that's kind of exciting, even if it can be a little unsettling to contemplate. There's much for me to learn, new skills to develop, and a whole new aspect of this authorial life to embrace. This is a whole new beginning, so watch this space.


Now we're cantering into the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Horse – so let's ride deeper into 2014 and see where the journey leads.



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