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MEDIA: Drive Off With Some Bloodthirsty Vampire Fiction

Posted by Mark Cantrell on December 22, 2013 at 6:20 PM



When Death comes along for the ride, be ready to find out exactly what you are…

 A digital short by Mark Cantrell

Available from Amazon, Smashwords, and other leading online retailers


STOKE-ON-TRENT, 22 December 2013: Think of it as a road movie, but played out on the digital page, and you get an idea of the vampire story, One For The Road, the latest in Mark Cantrell's series of digital shorts.


A vampire tale with a chilling twist, the atmospheric and action-packed short story is now available from Amazon and Smashwords for the Kindle, Sony, Kobo, Apple, and a host of popular e-reading devices, for the minimalist sum of $0.99 (roundabout 77 pence).



Out on the road, you find out who you really are.


What you really are…


Escaped killer Daniel is sure of himself. Armed and dangerous, devil-may-care; he's a hunter – a vampire – on the run from the police and enjoying the ride.


Sarah, she's just lost; escaping a troubled home, she's running from herself. Until she meets Daniel, she has no idea she's running for her life…


Poor Sarah, she doesn't know who or what she is, but Daniel knows – and he's going to show her. The two of them were made for each other…


Daniel's desire will take them both on a road trip to sex and murder, and the destination will reveal far more than either cares to know about themselves.


It's a relationship blessed in blood – and death is coming along for the ride…



Visit Amazon or Smashwords to purchase your copy now. Available soon from other retailers. Visit to find out more.


One For The Road

By Mark Cantrell


Smashwords inc

Published: 7 December 2013

Words: 12,500 words (approximate) | 47 pages

Language: British English

ISBN: 978-1-311-396-49-5



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For more information contact:


Mark Cantrell

[email protected]


Notes to editors

One For The Road is part of a small selection of short stories taken from the author's collection ISOLATION SPACE (2009/2011) to be published as standalone digital shorts. The anthology presents 20 of Mark Cantrell's short stories in an eclectic presentation of his writing.


The anthology combines science fiction, fantasy, and horror, with works of a more thought-provoking and literary nature. First published in paperback in 2009 (Lulu), it subsequently appeared in a range of popular digital formats in 2011.


Find out more about the anthology at


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