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MEDIA: Journey Into The Macabre

Posted by Mark Cantrell on June 16, 2013 at 4:05 PM



A journey into the macabre has begun...

STOKE-ON-TRENT, 15 June 2013: A macabre stream of consciousness with a heavy dose of creeping horror, At Death's Door is the latest in a series of standalone digital shorts culled from the author's collection, ISOLATION SPACE.


The atmospheric and disturbing short story is now available from Amazon for the Kindle and any Kindle-enabled device for a mere $0.99 (roundabout 77 pence).


Furthermore, At Death's Door is the first of Mark's titles to be enrolled into Amazon's KDP Select programme, which means it's available to borrow at no cost for members of Amazon Prime.


The story was originally written in 1990, making it one of the author's earliest works of fiction. Years later, it was extensively revised and appeared in Mark's fiction collection, ISOLATION SPACE (2009, paperback/ 2011 digital). This standalone edition of the story has been further revised to heighten that essential 'creep' factor.


Read the blurb:


Male pride and ageing flesh is never a good combination; a lesson Jeremy McMahn learns the hard way when his car comes off the road at a bend taken too fast. The thrill of speed and recollected youth ends in mangled metal...


Crawling from the wreckage of his car, delirious, surely hallucinating, Jeremy finds himself haunted by the spectral figure of a woman calling him to follow. She's the very image of his wife, rejuvenated; how can that be possible?


Lured onwards, he finds himself stumbling over the edge of reason. Out of body, out of mind, out of his depth: Jeremy's journey into the heart of the macabre is only just beginning...


"At Death's Door is another [story] that creeped me. It's a surreal (I hope) journey into what Poe called the hypnagogic state of mind when you're unsure of reality and fantasy and the boundaries between become distorted and (as in this piece) break down!"


Jim Palmer, Writers' Muse magazine, August 2009 #50, from his review of the author's collection, ISOLATION SPACE.


Visit Amazon to purchase your copy now. Visit to find out more.


At Death's Door

By Mark Cantrell

Amazon KDP Select

Published: 14 June 2013

Words: 6,150 (approximate)

Language: British English



Amazon (UK):

Amazon (US):

For more information contact:


Mark Cantrell: [email protected]


Notes to editors

At Death's Door is the second of a small selection of short stories from the anthology ISOLATION SPACE (2009/2011) to be published as standalone digital shorts. The anthology presents 20 of Mark Cantrell's short stories in an eclectic presentation of his writing.


The anthology combines science fiction, fantasy, and horror, with works of a more thought-provoking and literary nature. First published in paperback in 2009 (Lulu), it subsequently appeared in a range of popular digital formats in 2011.


Mark Cantrell is a writer and journalist who lives and works in the UK. He is the author of numerous short stories as well as two novels - CITIZEN ZERO (2010) and SILAS MORLOCK (due out later this year from the publisher Inspired Quill).


Find out more about the anthology and its author at


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